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CHRONO SleepWell ® is a chronotherapy software that ha been online on the web since early September 2010.

CHRONO SleepWell ® uses algorithms that allow the generation of personalized rephasing programs. These resynchronizating programs of the internal biological clock integrate all known chronotherapeutical tools, such as : exposure to light (through light therapy), avoidance of daylight (by wearing goggles), the possible taking of melatonin, physical activity, the fall in body temperature), etc. The programs are tailor-made according to the disorder, or travel schedule, as well as a series of characteristics about the individual : age, sleep schedule, quality of sleep, napping or not, sensitivity to jet lag, to daylight savings time, etc.

CHRONO SleepWell ® is intended for people suffering from :

- jet lag syndrome (CHRONO JetLag),
- circadian disorders (CHRONO Circa) : insomnia related to a phase delay (insomnia in the first part of night), insomnia related to a phase advance (insomnia in the second part of night), winter depression (seasonal affective disorder / SAD), classic depression (major), blues, fatigue, etc.,
- night work related disorders (CHRONO NightWork),
- shift work related disorders (CHRONO ShiftWork).

Regarding CHRONO JetLag, programs to fight against jetlag syndrome vary depending on the transmeridian trip to be done. In this case, the software integrates the direction of travel (east / west), the number of time zones that are crossed and the purpose of the trip. Through this program, the traveller is able to accelerate, by a factor of 2 or 3, the resetting of the main internal clock to the external clock on arrival (geophysical time, the one on his wristwatch). And he can also find its peaks and troughs of alertness and performance, once arrived at destination.

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Get your anti-jetlag program Dear traveller,Welcome to CHRONO JetLag, the system that helps you to beat the jetlag syndrome. You’re about to take off Maybe you’re going on a well earned dream vacation, or perhaps this is a business trip, or maybe you’re going to compete in (...) [lire la suite]
Get your anti-circadian disorder program Dear user, Welcome to CHRONO Circa, the system that helps you to beat your circadian disorder. CHRONO Circa allows you to generate chronotherapeutical programs for the following circadian disorders : sleep phase delay syndrome (early (...) [lire la suite]
Get your programs pack for night work Dear user, CHRONO NightWork will help you to accelerate by up to 2 to 3 times your resynchronisation for night work . CHRONO NightWork allows you to generate chronotherapeutical programs for : the activity period, the rest period*. (...) [lire la suite]
Get your programs pack for shift work Dear user, CHRONO ShiftWork will help you to accelerate by up to 2 to 3 times your resynchronisation for shift work. CHRONO ShiftWork allows you to generate chronotherapeutical programs for : a night shift ("0 am-8 am" type), a day shift (...) [lire la suite]
What is CHRONO SleepWell ® ? CHRONO SleepWell ® is the culmination of lengthy experience working with travellers, patients suffering from a circadian disorder and night and shift workers, for whom the promoter has developed many resetting programs over the last fifteen (...) [lire la suite]
Promoter Roland PEC Born on June 18, 1966 in Brussels, Belgium. Master of clinical psychology (five years course of study /ULB university, Brussels). University diploma of sleep specialism from the French Sleep Research and medicine Society (SFRMS). (...) [lire la suite]
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