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Welcome to CHRONO Circa, the system that helps you to beat your circadian disorder.

CHRONO Circa allows you to generate chronotherapeutical programs for the following circadian disorders :

  • sleep phase delay syndrome (early insomnia),
  • sleep phase advance syndrome (late insomnia),
  • night work related syndrome,
  • shift work related syndrome,
  • seasonal affective disorder (SAD),
  • major nervous breakdown

Anti-circadian disorder program table

According to the disorder you suffer from, and also to a series of your own characteristics, CHRONO Circa will help you to develop your own tailor-made anti-circadian disorder program.

You simply have to fill the form below, and you’ll receive rapidly your tailor-made anti-circadian disorder program table (PDF format).

> Price by program : 9.99 €.

> PayPal secure payment (PayPal account / all credit cards) or bank transfer.

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Exemple of a program table

for an imaginary circadian disorder

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